MSOE CE Industry Advisory Committe

The Computer Engineering Industry Advisory Committee (CE IAC) meets twice per year, once in the fall and once in the spring. The committee advises the program faculty on industry trends and needs and helps to keep the curriculum up-to-date and to maintain program goals. The program faculty report to the committee on the program, focusing on recent and planned changes, enrollment, and events.

Most industry members are engineering managers or senior engineers and have a close familiarity with what their company needs from a computer engineering graduate. Student members of the committee broaden its perspective by raising issues of importance to their class and participating in committee discussions.

The fall meeting is held in October-December and the spring meeting is held in May immediately before the MSOE senior design show.

Committee Members

Spring 2014 meeting

Fall 2013 meeting

Spring 2013 meeting

Fall 2012 meeting

Spring 2012 meeting

Fall 2011 meeting

Spring 2011 meeting

Fall 2010 meeting

Spring 2010 meeting

Fall 2009 meeting

Spring 2009 meeting

Fall 2008 meeting

Spring 2008 meeting

Fall 2007 meeting

Spring 2007 meeting

Winter 2006-2007 meeting

Fall 2006 meeting

Spring 2006 meeting

Fall 2005 meeting

Spring 2005 meeting

Fall 2004 meeting

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