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OP 2017 Computer Practice Session

Created by Darrin Rothe, PhD, PE

Getting Ready for OP!

  1. Review rules and instructions.
  2. Start computer.
  3. Select your programming environment. Eclipse is recommended, but BlueJ and command-line are also available for Java, Microsoft Visual Studio is available for C++, and Anaconda is available for Python.
  4. Write a "HelloWorld" program in your selected environment. MSOE student volunteers will be on-hand to help with this.
  5. The competition problems will require user input. Write a practice program that will prompt the user to enter a piece of data (string or number) and echo the entry back to the console. In Java, you would likely use the Scanner class for this. In C++, you would likely use std::cin.
  6. Login to the scorer website using the username and password you were given when checking in. Click on the dashboard and scores tabs to become familiar with the site. You will use this site to submit your source code after the competition begins.
  7. In your remaining time, get comfortable, and practice on these: Sample problems from 2003 competition (PDF)


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