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Dr. Durant: Winter 2017-'18 Schedule

Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
7:00 Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
8:00 EE3221-11 EE3221-11   EE3221-11
9:00 Office     Office
10:00     Office Office  
11:00 EE3221-41 EE3221-41 EE3221-41
Dr. Taylor EE3221-41
12:00   Yoga Yoga PD
1:00 Dept. Meeting        
2:00   Office      
3:00 CFARC        

Lunch with Students

I would like to have lunch with you individually or as a group. Email me some times that you're available.

Office Hours

My office is in L339. Anytime my door is open you are welcome. Office hours, when I am almost always available, are listed above. Appointments may be made during office hours to ensure a time, but are seldom required. Appointments may also be made outside of office hours.

To check my availability please email or call my office at 414-277-7439 (x7439). I also post a detailed weekly schedule on my door.

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