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this is meDr. Mark L. Hornick is Professor Emeritus of the Software Engineering Program faculty in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE).

He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanics, Mechanical, & Aerospace Engineering (1980, Illinois Institute of Technology), a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (1982, UW-Madison) and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering (1985, UW-Madison). His first professional practice of computer programming came when he was a summer intern in the Design Analysis department of the International Harvester Company, where he coded algorithms for computation & display of stresses in structural elements.  In graduate school, his research focus concerned simulation of multi-body systems with kinematic constraints. His PhD dissertation resulted in the creation of a program for robotic path planning & optimization including 3-D graphics simulation.

Beginning his post-graduate career in 1986 with Allen-Bradley (now Rockwell Automation), Dr. Hornick worked as an R&D project engineer in the Motion Control group of A-B's Corporate Technology Division. In 1987, he joined ASEA Robotics (now ABB) as Sr. Software Engineer & for the subsequent 17 years as Principal Engineer, Development Manager, and Director, where he helped create & later manage ABB's Industrial Software Products group.

Dr. Hornick joined MSOE's in September of 2004, and retired from full-time teaching in June 2017. He and his wife Laurel are the parents of daughters Madeleine and Elissa.

Mark spends his spare time:
playing piano badly
turning wood into sawdust and shavings using various power and hand tools
bicycle touring


Contact information:

Dr. Mark L. Hornick
Milwaukee School of Engineering
Softare Enginerring Program, EECS Department
1025 North Broadway
Milwaukee WI 53202-3109

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