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this is meDr. Mark L. Hornick is an associate professor & member of the Software Engineering Program faculty in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE).

He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanics, Mechanical, & Aerospace Engineering (1980, Illinois Institute of Technology), a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (1982, UW-Madison) and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering (1985, UW-Madison). His first professional practice of computer programming came when he was a summer intern in the Design Analysis department of the International Harvester Company, where he coded algorithms for computation & display of stresses in structural elements.  In graduate school, his research focus concerned simulation of multi-body systems with kinematic constraints. His PhD dissertation resulted in the creation of a program for robotic path planning & optimization including 3-D graphics simulation.

Beginning his post-graduate career in 1986 with Allen-Bradley (now Rockwell Automation), Dr. Hornick worked as an R&D project engineer in the Motion Control group of A-B's Corporate Technology Division. In 1987, he joined ASEA Robotics (now ABB) as Sr. Software Engineer & for the subsequent 17 years as Principal Engineer, Development Manager, and Director, where he helped create & later manage ABB's Industrial Software Products group.

Dr. Hornick joined MSOE's full-time faculty in September of 2004. He and his wife Laurel are the parents of daughters Madeleine and Elissa.

Mark spends his spare time:
playing piano badly
turning wood into sawdust and shavings using various power and hand tools
road cycling about 2000 miles/year and dreaming about riding coast-to-coast someday...


Contact information:

Dr. Mark L. Hornick
Milwaukee School of Engineering
EECS Department
1025 North Broadway
Milwaukee WI 53202-3109
Office: L-341

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