Greek Alphabet Table

In the past, basic HTML did not support equations or the Greek alphabet. Most browsers now support embedding Greek characters using ampersand escape sequences.

Some alternative approaches I now use include the Symbol font face, Adobe Acrobat's .PDF format, saving Microsoft Word documents in HTML format and using the MathType Word add-in to export documents to MathPage. However, there still does not appear to be a universal solution to the problem of displaying technical and mathematical text in web pages. I have also posted this table in Rich Text, HTML and MathPage formats, but cannot guarantee that they will display correctly in all cases. The MathPage version is the most complete in terms of showing alternative forms of some letters.

These tables are based on material from Pocket Ref, 2nd ed. compiled by T. J. Glover (Sequoia Publishing, 1999) and the MathType help pages. I do not speak or write Greek. I simply use these symbols in technical documents. Please do not contact me regarding translating English to Greek or Greek to English. I leave the page up to have a place to refer students who don't know the names of the Greek letters I use in equations.

The following table lists the upper and lower case Greek letters and their corresponding English names. Click here to see a lower resolution version of this table that may print better. This table contains only the most common (in some sense) forms the lower case letters theta, pi, sigma and phi. See the MathType version of this page for the alternative forms.


Greek Characters

Greek Characters


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