Rob Hasker's Survival Guide
for Advance Registration

It's time to play the registration game! But first, you need a game plan:
  1. Review the SE curriculum. This contains important information about the program and what courses you need to take next quarter.

  2. If you have not done so yet, print off the SE checklist (see the SE Advising Page) and mark the courses you have completed.

  3. Use the checklist to help decide what to take next quarter. The first priority are SE and CS courses that are prerequisites for other courses.

  4. Find out when you can register for classes. This information, along with almost everything else you need for advising, is available in

  5. Make a 15-minute appointment with me at my office (L331) using Outlook.
    Important constraints: Earlier in the term is better than later; it makes a lot of sense to be advised in week 6. Week 10 is hectic, and appointments made for that week run a high risk of being canceled and rescheduled to finals week.

    For instructions on using Outlook to make an appointment and additional constraints, see here.

    If you are coming for advising in week 11 or the first half of the term, you can make an appointment but you can also just come by my office. Appointments are only necessary for weeks 7 to 10.

  6. Make sure you are prepared for your appointment! Do you have your checklist? Do you have a list of courses for next quarter? Do you have your appointment in whatever calendar manager you use on a regular basis?

  7. Come to your appointment. Being 10 minutes may mean you will need to reschedule.

  8. Once your advising and other holds are lifted, register for classes in There are directions for this at the Registrar's website.

    If classes are closed: First, see if there's another section open. If there are no sections open and you cannot take an alternative class instead, see how to request entering a full section of a class.

  9. Send me email if you had to make significant changes to your schedule. I'm not worried about changes in sections, but I do need to know if you change what classes you're going to be taking.

Information on Picking Classes

Additional Advising Notes