Dr. Robert W. Hasker

Courses: CS 2040-C&C++ CS 2400-AI SDL
Advising OpComp (CS)
office:  413 Diercks Hall
(414) 277-7326
email: hasker
dept: EECS  /  SE, CS

Reaching Me

During office hours, simply call me through Teams. Go to the Calls tab, click on Make a call, and enter my name. You do not have to make an appointment. Note I may not respond when I am in a meeting with another student. You can also schedule an appointment; see below.

For scheduled appointments, including advising and meeting me in large groups, see my bookings page. Note the hour-long bookings are exclusively for meeting with large groups on projects. If none of these catagories fit you, simply send me a message and we will organize something.


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:00 CS 2400 CS 2400 CS 2400
11:00 CS 2400 Lab CS 2400 CS 2400 Senate
12:00 CS 2400 Mtg Lab CS 2040 Mtg
13:00 Dept. mtg SCSC
14:00 Office SCSC Office
15:00 Office CS 2040 Office Office
16:00 CS 2040 Lab CS 2040 CS 2040