Dr. Robert W. Hasker

Courses: CS 2400 SDL
Advising OpComp (CS)
office:  413 Diercks Hall
(414) 277-7326
email: hasker
dept: EECS  /  SE


You can reach me via Slack or Teams during office hours. A sure way to talk to me is to set up an appointment via Outlook; we can then both use Teams to set up a one-on-one video conference. Slack can probably be used in the same way; I'll have both open during office hours.
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00 CS 2400
9:00 CS 2400 Lab CS 2400
10:00 Office SE 3030 Semester Conversion SE 3030
11:00 Lab Office Lab Senate
12:00 PEAS CS 2400 Academics Town Hall
13:00 Dept. mtg CS 2400 Lab Office CS 2400
14:00 Office Office
15:00 Sem.Conv.