Dr. Robert W. Hasker

Courses: CS 2040-C&C++ CS 2400-AI SDL
Advising OpComp (CS)
office:  413 Diercks Hall
(414) 277-7326
email: hasker
dept: EECS  /  SE, CS

Reaching Me

During office hours, simply call me through Teams. Go to the Calls tab, click on Make a call, and enter my name. You do not have to make an appointment. Note I may not respond when I am in a meeting with another student. You can also schedule an appointment; see below.

For scheduled appointments, including advising and meeting me in large groups, see my bookings page. Note the hour-long bookings are exclusively for meeting with large groups on projects. If none of these catagories fit you, consider using Outlook to schedule an appointment.


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:00 CS 2400 CS 2400 CS 2400
11:00 CS 2400 Lab CS 2400 CS 2400 Senate
12:00 CS 2400 Mtg Lab CS 2040 Mtg
13:00 Dept. mtg SCSC
14:00 Office SCSC Office
15:00 Office CS 2040 Office Office
16:00 CS 2040 Lab CS 2040 CS 2040