HTML Tools and Information

This information is mainly for my use in creating and maintaining web pages. However, some of it may be of interest to students and others.
Blue dot Adobe Acrobat Character Substitution Problem
Blue dot Dealing with Equations in HTML Documents.
Blue dot Dealing with Greek letters in HTML Documents.
Blue dot Using the Symbol font face in HTML Documents.
Blue dotA sample document created with in WordPefect 7.0's Web Edit Mode.
Blue dotMy HTML Style Guide.
Blue dot The structure of my web pages (hopelessly out of date).
Blue dot My HTML Color Test (some useful RGB values).
Blue dot I use Kevin Werbach's Bare Bones HTML Guide and Stephen Le Hunte's HTML Reference Library (HTMLib) HTML references.
Blue dot I used Carl Davis's HTML Editor Review to find Nick Bradbury's HomeSite 2.0, the HTML editor I currently use. I recommend them both.
Blue dot I use Jasc, Inc.'s Paint Shop Pro to create, capture and manipulate the graphics on my pages.
Blue dot I test my pages with MS Internet Explorer 3.0, Netscape Navigator™ Version 3.01 and the CSE 3310 HTML Validator.
Blue dotI transmit my pages from my desktop PC's to MSOE's Unix system on which our web server runs using Ipswitch's WS_FTP.

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